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Fluid Motion is located in North Vancouver a block east of Lonsdale Avenue and 15th Street

Fluid Motion Clinic of Osteopathy began in 2008 and has since provided osteopathic treatment and education to the greater Vancouver region. Our goal is to offer quality osteopathic treatment and manual healthcare for people in many various states of health. Our team consists of osteopathic practitioners that are active in research, teaching, and forming of the osteopathic profession.

Fluid Motion has recently added Kinesiology to the clinic. Please see our practitioner page for information and to meet our practitioners.

Our Practitioners

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Bradley Cornwell,
Osteopathic Practitioner

Bradley has been a North Shore resident since 2001. He spends time with his family enjoying the beauty and activities of the city. He has a passion for philosophy, enjoys teaching and discovering practical, efficient ways to improve health.

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Bradley discovered the effectiveness of manual therapy through Structural Integration after work related injuries. He studied Structural Integration in Boulder Colorado and began practicing in 2011. Desiring a more comprehensive approach he enrolled in the osteopathic program at the Canadian School of Osteopathy (C.S.O), finishing his thesis on methods of evaluation in the osteopathic practice. Bradley is now a professor and clinical supervisor at the C.S.O. He teaches the General Osteopathic treatment and the introduction to digestive treatment. He is a Co-owner of Fluid Motion Clinic of Osteopathy

Bradley has developed his skills in many different osteopathic methods. He has training both in advanced cranial methods and classical osteopathic approaches.

Bradley enjoys a challenge and is always curious as to what osteopathy can do to increase our health and better our lives.


Christophe Lacour

Osteopathic Practitioner

Christophe moved from France to Vancouver in 1998. He left his master of engineering behind with no regret after discovering his passion for human health. He has lived on the North Shore since 2010. He enjoys hiking, kayaking and camping with his family.

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Christophe has been a registered massage therapist since 2002. He completed the 5 year osteopathic program at the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques of Montreal (Vancouver Campus) in 2013. Christophe has taught cranio-sacral therapy for massage therapy students, he is a thesis advisor and a thesis jury member for the Canadian School of Osteopathy.

Christophe continues to develop his skills through post graduate courses such as “Neurosciences Applied to Osteopathy”, “Mechanical Link” (treatments of the musculoskeletal system, the cranium, organs, blood vessels and nerves), and courses designed to continue the development of palpation skills, essential to osteopathy.

Christophe feels privileged to work in osteopathy, a profession that provides healing through gentle techniques. Every day brings opportunities to witness the natural health abilities of each of his patients.


Lyndsay Sayers,

Osteopathic Practitioner

Lyndsay wants to keep you active and aligned so that you can enjoy your life without pain or limitations. Lyndsay was drawn to osteopathy because it allows her to address all parts and systems of the body–osteopathy gives her the biggest range of options for treatment and prevention.

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Lyndsay completed her three year massage therapy training in 2001 and her five year (plus thesis) osteopathy education in 2010; she is a registered massage therapist and an osteopathic practitioner. Lyndsay attends continuing education courses regularly and keeps up to date with her professions by being an active member of OsteopathyBC and RMTBC.

Lyndsay treats all ages and uses a variety of techniques–including craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, and fascial release–all aimed at improving mobility and circulation while decreasing pain and discomfort.

Outside of the clinic you can find Lyndsay exploring the outdoors with friends and loved ones, hiking, paddling, or xc skiing. She loves to hear about new adventure and trails!


Marjorie Dufresne-Gagnon (B.Sc.)

Osteopathic practitioner Kinesiologist


Marjorie is a graduate of the Canadian School of Osteopathy

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Marjorie is a graduate of the Canadian School of Osteopathy (CSO) Vancouver. She has lived on the North Shore since 2015. Marjorie received her  Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the Université de Sherbrooke, with a concentration on health and physical activity. Marjorie trained as a ballet and contemporary dancer for 15 years and a competitive cheerleader for 10 years. Outside of the clinic she enjoys kayaking, hiking, camping, writing and ballet.

As an osteopathic practitioner Marjorie collaborates with her clientele toward an integrated healthy lifestyle. She aims to restore mobility and functionality, as well as work with the body’s structure in chronic and acute conditions. She has helped people from a broad spectrum of ages, from the newborn to elderly. She looks forward to understanding and achieving your health goals.

Her experience as a Kinesiologist and her thesis “Biotensegrity and the Classical Osteopathic Model,” allowed her to develop an individualized and global approach to clinical osteopathy.

A photo of Scott Splunchic, who has short, dark blonde hair, short facial hair, and blue eyes. He is wearing a white shirt and is smiling pleasantly in a room with lush greenery behind him.

Scott Splunchic

Registered Massage Therapist

Scott has been practicing as an RMT for the past 4 years.

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Scott’s journey into health and wellness began early. Facing his own
challenges, including a stint in a back brace at 14, he developed a
deep-rooted passion to help others achieve optimal health. This personal
experience fueled his belief that physical recovery starts with mindset.

A life marked by an active lifestyle, engaging in a range of sports from
ultimate frisbee to snowboarding, taught Scott the importance of overcoming
physical challenges. His initial foray into the world of health as a
personal trainer allowed him to inspire others and deepen his understanding
of self-care.

Seeking to expand his knowledge, Scott pursued and completed the RMT
program in Vancouver BC, quickly transitioning to an instructor role at his
alma mater. Though initially set on a path to physiotherapy, a
serendipitous encounter with osteopathy altered his course. In osteopathy,
Scott found a practice that resonated with his holistic therapy approach
and deep desire to understand the unique complexities of each individual.

Today, serving Downtown and North Vancouver BC, Scott blends his rich
history and comprehensive educational background to craft personalized
treatments. Each session with Scott is tailored to the individual,
reflecting his commitment to integrative health, restoring function and
enhancing wellbeing.

Ishana Debba

Osteopathic Practitioner

Ishana is a graduate of the Canadian School of Osteopathy – Vancouver.

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While completing her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, she understood
the value of manual therapy in health and rehabilitation and wanted to
pursue a path more holistic than traditional therapies. This desire led her
to Osteopathy.

As an Osteopatic Practitioner, Ishana integrates her kinesiology and
biomechanics experience into the sessions. She has also studied the impacts
of concussions on the body, and her curiosity of societal influences took
her to do an Osteopatic mission in Peru for 2 weeks.

Ishana has a diverse background sports, including Martial Arts,
cross-country, Track and Field, basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, and more
recently dance.

Ishana enjoyes the puzzle of the human body and finding ways to improve her
patients health and lifestyle.


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