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Fluid Motion Clinic

Fluid Motion is a multidisciplinary clinic serving the North Shore and the greater Vancouver area since 2008. Our practitioners are trained by the highest professional standards to maintain and restore you to optimal health.

How can the practitioners at our clinic help?

Reduction of Pain Symptoms

Our practitioners work to effectively reduce pain, and maintain proper systemic function of your body.

Addresses Chronic pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, our practitioners will use a thorough evaluation in order to understand the primary causes of chronicity  (compensation from previous injuries, surgeries, repetitive strain etc.).

Prevent Injury

If you are recovering from a trauma or acute condition our practitioners will help  reduce the lasting effects and provide resilience for the prevention of future injury.

Our Clinic

We take the time and care necessary to assess, treat and educate our patients, supporting better health and recovery.

The practitioners at Fluid Motion will provide a thorough evaluation and treatment. We help the you understand what has contributed to the reasons for your symptoms, and ways in which to achieve better health and recovery from your pain, trauma and chronic conditions.


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